Panic in Sydney
I left this Monday and I have been on my way ever since. I'm tired and I have been extremely nervous all the way. What if I don't catch the next flight? What if I get lost?

Well... I could say that unbelievebly awesome and didn't have any problems at all. But that's is not even close to the truth!
The first panic attack I had was when my first flight (Copenhagen - London) was delayed. I actually had about 2:15 hours between my flights, but since we were delayed and had to go through a security check I had about 20 minutes left. Everything ended up well.
The next flight was between London and Sydney, with a small stop in Dubai. Everyone (even those who continued with the same flight afterwards) had to leave the plane and go through a security check, again!

Here is were the real problem started. I had only been nervous for no reason before. We arrived about an hour late in Sydney due to the wind... And I missed my flight... Now I'm waiting in Sydney.
Lucky as I am, the agency rebooked the flight directly to a later one (3 hours later). I'll be late for the introduction course, but I will arrive sometime...

However, the worst scenario that I could think of during my trip was getting lost on the other side of the earth and/or miss my flight somewhere.
Which is exactly what I did. Both of them!

Maybe I'll never reach New Zealand... I'm sure I could manage to get kidnapped by kangaroos or something stupid like that on my way to the plane.
Well... Wish me good luck!


Leaving on Monday
Next Monday is the day! I can't believe that it is finally happening! New Zealand is on the other side of the earth and I have the opportunity to visit.
At 18:20 my flight will lift from Copenhagen's airport to go to Lodon. After that I'll be sitting on the same flight for about 23 hours before I finally arrive in Sydney. Sadly enough I won't be able to spend more than a couple of hours there before I have to leave with the last flight, that will land in New Zealand. After finally arriving in the mysterious country, I'll be attending an introduction course in a city called Auckland. 
The course ends on Friday 28th of June and that is also the date when I will meet my host parents on the airport. We will travel together down to the South Island and our destination is a town called Nelson, situated in the north of the south island. 
The very last part of my trip will be a tour with a car to a smaller city called Motueka, where I'm going to spend my next year working as an au pair. 
I have talked with my host parents and they seem to be very nice and open. I want to finally meet them in person and I want to start this project that I have started.
A whole year seems awfully long now, but I think I will make it!
Even though I cried like a fool when I  said goodbye to my friends today...
I'm sad.
I'm happy.
But most of all I'm crazy excited!!