Almost 25%
Next Tuesday is a special day. On Tuesday, I will have spent 25 % of my year here. I know that I'm saying it all the time, but time passes by so fast!
I'm having such a great time that I don't want to go home and thinking that I've already done a fourth makes me a bit sad. At the same time there's nothing I'd rather do than to go home and see my family and my friends. It's kind of strange... I would like to combine these two different worlds. 
Otherwise, I'm having holidays soon. My family is going over to Australia for their vacation with the kids, so I get 2 weeks of too. I'm going to travel around on the north island a little, and even though I'm going by myself I hope that I'll have a good time (which I probably will).
Except from that there's not been anything special... And writing about everyday things like washing and vacuuming aren't very intresting. So, so long! 


What I'll miss the most
It's incredible how fast time passes! My host mother works as a midwife and has started to take up bookings for June already! I'm a pregnancy away from coming home again! 
I'm excited to go home and show everyone what I've been doing down here, but at the same time I really feel like I don't want to leave here. I feel more and more that being an au pair is not a job. It becomes more of a lifestyle after a while. 
I'm sure that not everyone agrees with me and it may seem strange, but that's the way I'm feeling now. I enjoy it so much to see how much the kids have developed during the time I've been here and I have only been here for about 3 months.Tyne has started talking for real and Tilly has found an interest in both reading and writing.You can really see the difference when you look back at how it was in the beginning.
Like I said, I often think of how it'll be when it's time for me to go home and when I think about I realise that I don't think I want to go home (not yet at least). Except for the wonderful host family that I've got, I'll miss the wonderful nice kiwi people that is here. 
Sweden is a country where people are known to be quite cold to strangers and when I compare the Swedes to the kiwis that I meet here, I have to agree. They are so much friendlier to strangers! I don't know if it's because I live in a region where a lot of tourists come in the summer, but I think that the kiwis in general are extremely friendly. 
Everytime we (me and the other au pairs here in Motueka) go out to eat or take a coffee the employees ask abou where we're from and what we're doing here. For how long we're going to stay and if we like New Zealand. And they actually seem interested in what you have to say
I know that i thought it was very weird in the beginning, when everybody asked how you were, but I wish that the Swedish people was a bit friendlier. I will miss it!


Time passes by
I can't understand where the time went! I woke up this Friday still thiking that it was Tuesday and it feels like it was yesterday that I finished my first month!
Now I've been working for 9 weeks and I've almost done 20 % of my whole year here! It's going soo fast! 
First I only counted the days to know how many days I'd got left until I could get back home. Now I'm counting them to know how much time I've got left until I have to go home. I realized that even if it's hard now, I'll never do the same thing again. This year will be the time I've got. When it's over it's never coming back!
I know that this happens all the time, but when you're at home moments that have passed can be recreated and be almost the same as they were. Once I've gotten back to Sweden though, it's over.
I'm going to try my very very best to enjoy all of my time here!