Leaving on Monday
Next Monday is the day! I can't believe that it is finally happening! New Zealand is on the other side of the earth and I have the opportunity to visit.
At 18:20 my flight will lift from Copenhagen's airport to go to Lodon. After that I'll be sitting on the same flight for about 23 hours before I finally arrive in Sydney. Sadly enough I won't be able to spend more than a couple of hours there before I have to leave with the last flight, that will land in New Zealand. After finally arriving in the mysterious country, I'll be attending an introduction course in a city called Auckland. 
The course ends on Friday 28th of June and that is also the date when I will meet my host parents on the airport. We will travel together down to the South Island and our destination is a town called Nelson, situated in the north of the south island. 
The very last part of my trip will be a tour with a car to a smaller city called Motueka, where I'm going to spend my next year working as an au pair. 
I have talked with my host parents and they seem to be very nice and open. I want to finally meet them in person and I want to start this project that I have started.
A whole year seems awfully long now, but I think I will make it!
Even though I cried like a fool when I  said goodbye to my friends today...
I'm sad.
I'm happy.
But most of all I'm crazy excited!! 

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