Almost 25%
Next Tuesday is a special day. On Tuesday, I will have spent 25 % of my year here. I know that I'm saying it all the time, but time passes by so fast!
I'm having such a great time that I don't want to go home and thinking that I've already done a fourth makes me a bit sad. At the same time there's nothing I'd rather do than to go home and see my family and my friends. It's kind of strange... I would like to combine these two different worlds. 
Otherwise, I'm having holidays soon. My family is going over to Australia for their vacation with the kids, so I get 2 weeks of too. I'm going to travel around on the north island a little, and even though I'm going by myself I hope that I'll have a good time (which I probably will).
Except from that there's not been anything special... And writing about everyday things like washing and vacuuming aren't very intresting. So, so long! 

#1: Anonym

slå ihop två världar.... vill du ha besök....

Svar: Absolut! Vem ar det? :)

2013-09-24 @ 21:07:23
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