Time passes by
I can't understand where the time went! I woke up this Friday still thiking that it was Tuesday and it feels like it was yesterday that I finished my first month!
Now I've been working for 9 weeks and I've almost done 20 % of my whole year here! It's going soo fast! 
First I only counted the days to know how many days I'd got left until I could get back home. Now I'm counting them to know how much time I've got left until I have to go home. I realized that even if it's hard now, I'll never do the same thing again. This year will be the time I've got. When it's over it's never coming back!
I know that this happens all the time, but when you're at home moments that have passed can be recreated and be almost the same as they were. Once I've gotten back to Sweden though, it's over.
I'm going to try my very very best to enjoy all of my time here!

#1: Therese

Jag vet att du kommer att ta vara på tiden, bästa tiden ligger framför....

2013-09-06 @ 21:22:34
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