Ordinary Sunday
Sunday is one of the days were I can do whatever I want. I use it to go to church mostly, I tried to so in Sweden to so I just wanted to give you guys a tip:
If you went to a church close to the swedish so called "pingstkyrkan", then "Church of Christ" down here is an awesome alternative!
Anyway, I've only been there about 3 times, but the people there are really friendly. Even though I'm not fully feeling like a natural part in yet, I'm sure I will in the future sometime. 
But enough about that, I actually wanted to tell you about what happened when we youths went out to eat pizza. We went out after church and on our way home the driver decided to be a bit mischievious. He drove the van through some water. The vehicle stopped working for a while there and it was raining outside...
It was very funny, even though it may not sound like it! We laughed a lot!
After a while we got the car to work after all, so that we could get back to Motueka.
In short: It was a great day!

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