Sorry guys! I came back last week, but I forgot to right anything...
Now i'm back though! I've been on holiday for about two weeks and i saw a lot on the north island. I travelled through both Wellington and Auckland, visited Hobbiton (around Matamata) and "Hot Water Beach" on the Coromandel Peninsula. I did some black water rafting and bungy jumped. In short, it's been two busy weeks!
I'm finally back though  and I never thought that it would happen, but i missed the kids! It was lovely to be away and have some time for myself, but I missed seein people that I recognised. It's actually very nice to be back in routines...
But after only two days of work it felt like I've never left. Everything was back to normal and I thought that nothing new will happen now. But like every time I think that, something major changes. This week she starts going to kindergarden instead of playcenter, where we've been going before. This is so that she can get more prepared for school and meet more kids that are in her age. I big reason for the change is also that she is supposed to get ri of me. Since I'm bringing the kids everywhere and stay with them there, they get used to me being there. When school starts though, she'll be by herself during the day. 
That means that she'll be dropped off at the kindergarden while me and Tyne go do something else. It wll be exciting and strange to not have both of the kids all the time. It will be even more strange once Tyne starts kindergarden to, but it's a couple of months until then luckily!

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