Seeing the All Blacks in Dunedin
Saturday morning at 5 o'clock I wake up to get ready. I eat breakfeast and I am really excited because we are going to Dunedin!
We arrive in New Zealand's student city around lunch time and find our way to the backpackers without any problem at all. Smooth!
First thing we did was to walk into centrum to explore. But even before we come to the center of Dunedin, we run into one of the biggest celebrities in New Zealand: Richie McCaw, the captain of the All Blacks! Lucky Strike!!
Later on we went to the game and we found that we'd gotten really good places. It was an awesome game! Really exciting, lots of twists and finally the right team won in the end. We even got to see a streaker... (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not though)
On the Sunday we went to the Cadbury (chocolate) factory. They had a short tour that you could do and it was nice. Afterwards we went eating and when we finally got back to our "home" Hilda just fell asleep. I ended up watching a movie with some guys in the hostel. It's always nice to travel around here in New Zealand. Even if you're travelling by yourself, others are doing it as well so you can find someone to hang out with for the night.
Monday was nice and relaxed and at lunch we started making our way back to Nelson. 
Now I've started packing my stuff for going home "home". I'm leaving New Zealand on Sunday and I just can't believe it! The only reason I know I'm going is because I've got the tickets. I always thought that my whole body would be screaming "Sweden" after a year, but I don't really feel any different than I did from the start... It's rather the opposite! I could easily stay here for another couple of months without being more homesick than I usually am....
Don't get me wrong though. I really look forward to come home and see everyone again! I guess it's a feeling that you won't really get until you've experienced it yourself.... It's kind of confusing... 

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