It's a bit weird
I've been in Sweden for almost a week now and I still can't believe it that I've left New Zealand... I think that I'm starting to get that I'm home, but it feels like I'll be going back to Tilly and Tyne soon. It will take a while though...
When I landed in Copenhagen, I was so excited! Tears were falling and I was wearing my very goofiest grin just because I could see my family again. It's funny though, because as son as you see someone here at home you're really happy (which is good), but after a couple of minutes it doesn't fell like you've been away. Not for more than maybe a weeks vacation. 
A couple of friends came and visited me on some days later and it was so relaxed. I had been a little afraid that everything would have changed, but it hadn't. Everyone was basically the same, just a year older.
It's nice to be back, but I'm quite sad that this year is over as well...
Since I'm at home now, I won't write aymore on this blogg... So just a piece of advice if you're thinking about going away as an au pair or just travelling foor a while: DO IT! It's absolutely amazing to see another country and as an au pair get to know a different family. You won't regret it!
Cheers Anna

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