After 3 months of constant work, my first holidays finally arrived! I'm currently in Nelson, travelling to Wellington tomorrow and I'm soooo excited!
But luck doesn't seem to be on my side yet... I was looking for a backpacker called: "The Green Monkey" and I looked and looked and looked for ages. Finally I found it. Only to find out that there wasn't a backpacker anymore... It had stopped existing ages ago, as the person I met there expressed it... 
Well, tough luck. But know I'm at another backpacker called "Almondhouse" and I've still got my spirit!
I'm sharing a room with three german girls tonight, they seem very nice and they are travelling together. I have to say that I'm a bit jealous... I would have wanted to travel with someone too, but well. It can't be helped...
I'll be away for about 2 weeks and I don't know how much I'll write... But you'll have to bear with it!

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