First advent
It's december here now and it's the first advent. They don't celebrate the advent like we do: the typical 4 candles where you light a new candle every week until christmas, but they've their so called "advent calender" for each day. My kids got some wih chocolate in, so they were quite happy.
We had a big barbecue with friends and family today. The sun was beaming down and I have to say that it's really strange to heara the Christmas carols singing about a white Christmas when there's no chance that there'll be one down here. Their winter is between June and August.
Another thing that's quite strange is how fast it goes to go back to normal. It's only a week since me and Hilda came back from our holidays on the south island, but it feels like we've never been away. Like it was all a big amazing dream. Luckily it wasn't!
This week is actually quite exciting. I think it's the last one before the summer holidays and on Friday I'm supposed to join a "Santa Parade". They have it in the dfferent towns here and kindergardens, music groups and whoever wants can join and march down the street with them. I haven't seen one before, so I'll be participating in my very first Santa Parade. Exciting!

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