Almost 20
Time really flies by...
I've got 4 weeks left now and I've already started to say goodbye to people that I won't meet again.
Kyle and Hayley came over to say bye and since I'm turning 20 on Wednesday as well we had some birthday cake. 
It's actually really sad to think that it's the beginning of the end for my journey. I've been away for almost a year, but whn I think back on it, it doesn't feel like more than a couple of weeks. I thought that once you're in the end, when you've been here for a long time, it would feel really different from when you came here. But it doesn't... It still feel like I could go on for another half a year without problem.
At the same time I really do want to go home. I haven't seen my friends and family for a year! Of course I want to go home! 
Well, it's soon enough anyway :)
Next weekend: Felicia is coming to visit me! Looking forward to it!!!
Here's the birthday cake the made me. Carrot and banana cake, yum! Thank you Clare!

#1: Therese

Den ser god ur.

2014-05-25 @ 09:20:43
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