I have now had the strangest Christmas in my life. Firstly the customs of an English family is a bit different from the costums of a Swedish and secondly the weather is completely wrong. 25 degrees and brilliant sunhine is not what I'm used to in the middle of December. 
The 25 of December started of with lots and lots of Christmas presents. Our living room was just overflowing. After all the presents had been exchanged we had a nice breakfeast together with pancakes and champagne. After that we all went to the beach to relax and enjoy a great sunny day ( I managed to burn my butt -_- ). We ate some sallad and had a great time there together. 
In the evening we finally had the big "Christmas Dinner" with turkey, sausages and beef. It was lush (great)! Afterwards we played some games together. They had a big competion in an "After Eight Race". You put an After Eight on your forehead and then you have to get it down all the way to your mouth without using your hands. 
After a lot of eyebrow-wiggling and nose-scrunging I managed to get the third place. It was hilarious!
I forgot to mention it, but last weekend me Hilda introduced a Swedish tradition down here in Kiwiland. We did "Lucia". 
We were a bit worried that they would think that it was very strange, it's a quite funny tradition after all. Especially if you can't speak Swewdish. But they really enjoyed it and thought it was great. They especially loved the last song, namely "Jingle Bells". Thank you Hilda! (Tilly and Tyne got some glitter too)
Ps. I have been here for more than 6 months now. Isn't that crazy!? Ds.

#1: Therese

så söta änglar ni är

2013-12-26 @ 22:16:37
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