Easter holidays
I know that I'm really late with putting this in, but Tilly has finally turned 5! That means that she's finally going to start school! Wihoo! I've been looking forward to it for a while now, but it's hard to understand that it's finally here. We haven't seen much of it either since the holidays started right after her birthday. She will start properly on Monday and that's really exciting!
We've managed to have a great birthday party in the meanwhile. I got to be a clown, Tilly was a princess (obviously), Tyne was a pirate and Clare was a fairy. We had 2 bouncy castles and a great cake. The kids were everywhere and we even managed to have a small easter hunt. In short it was great! Really fun.
Next week term 2 starts and we'll see what me and Tyne will be up to then. Like I said it's holidays now, so we go to different play grounds, visit the library, go swimming and do some crafting. It's a bit calmer now, so we manage to do more "special things", but I like it when it's busy as well.
I was trying to put up a picture of the birthday party, but it doesn't seem to work... I'll come back to it at some point (hopefully)

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