7 months and counting
7 months have passed and so much has changed since I came here. 
Tyne and Tilly have hade their first "real" week at kindy, wich gives me 8 hours / week when I'm all by myself. I get time to clean and prepare things, but I have to say that it feels very empty and quiet in the house. After a short while I look forward to picking them up from kindy. 
Their other activities haven't started yet though. The kids are going to start gymnastics, so that Tyne can do that even when Tilly starts school in about 3 months. That is going to be very intresting too, but it doesn't start until March some time. The school holidays end this week (I think), but all the different things for the kids start at different times (like the one in march). But it doesn't really matter anymore, because I've gotten so used to having the kids all the time and plan trips for us. I think we've been more to the beach this summer than I've ever been before for example. It's nice to be able to plan things by yourself for once. It's going to be nice when everything starts up againg though, especially when the weather's bad... 
But that doesn't happen too often here. Lucky me! :)

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