3 months left
This weekend has been absolutely awesome! Me, Hilda and Leo went to Golden Bay together for a horse trip we had planned on the Sunday and I've had so much fun! 
We started of with the Wainui Falls in the middle of nowhere and it was lovely. It's not a very big waterfall but it's still impressive when you stand underneath it and look. I could feel my science personality pop up and think: "I wonder how much water comes down there every second...", but I could still enjoy the moment.
After that we went to Wharariki Holiday Park where we slept. It was very funny, because they didn't have any cutlery or plates that campers could use and we hadn't brought any. We ended up eating pasta cabonara with cooking utensils out of a pan. Except for that we also discovered that the toilets where inside but so called "long-drop" toilets. (Bajamaja typ). It was hilarious!
Sunday morning we finally went to the horse camp where we were going to start and got set up with the horses. My horse was called Chutney and he was the nicest of them. Hilda's was called Scooby, he was lazy and stopped to eat all the time, whilst Leo's was grumpy and tried to start fights every now and then. It was an amazing way to see the Wharariki Beach! We saw seals and we even got to trott and galopp at full speed over the sand. For a first-time-rider I'm really proud of myself!
After 4 hours on horse back, we said  goodbye and continued our journey to Pupu Springs. Pupu Springs is supposed to contain one of the clearest waters in the world, but we never got to try it sadly enough...
After a lot of week ends doing basically nothing, this weekend was really busy. But gosh how enjoyed it!
Otherwise, there's only 3 months left until I'm going home again... I know that I've really wanted to go home for a while now and I still do want to go home. But at the same time I know that this time will never ever come back again, and it makes me a bit sad. Every evening where I'm thinking "nice, another day's passed" I'm also another day closer to go home.
Gosh it will be hard...

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