201 days
 I was trying to trying to wrap my head around that I've been here for 5 months, when i suddenly realised that I've been here for more than 6 months now. It's unbelievable! I've been here for 201 days now!
I've finally started working againg after a long Christmas break and I'm in the middle of the summer holidays by now. The school actually starts in February, but Tilly and Tyne's kindy starts on the 20th of January. I'm so excited to see how Tyne is going to handle the kindy! I'll be there with him the first couple of weeks, but I wonder how he's going to cope by himself. He's getting so big now!
Otherwise, life continues like usual. The summer hasn't been really good yet. It's been raining a lot apparently, but it's been nice the last couple of days. The opposite of the cold Sweden. Doesn't feel like January!

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