Holidays again... And it's december!
I had a vacation about 5 weeks ago and last week I had another one with another au pair in Motueka called Hilda. We travelled around most of the south island in one week and when I ook back, I wonder how we managed. But we did!
We started of going all the way down to Fox Glacier during the first day and it took about 7 hours to drive. We slept there at a holidaypark and the day after we had our first bi thing. We wandered on the glacier.
We had wonderful weather when we woke up so we were quite optimistic, and we did have awesome weather until lunch. After that the heavens just opened up and it poured down like crazy! I got so wet and that made the wind freezing cold. 
The day after our near-drowning-experience we drove down to Queenstown, the adrenaline capital. We went to Doubtful Sound and did White Water Rafting there. 
Doubtful Sound was just amazing! It's so beautiful. The only sad part was that I got a bit seasick, but I didn't realise it then...
And the White Water Rafting was great too. If I could repeat one thing on our journey, that would be it.
After Queenstown we went to a town called Oamaru. We had only heard that it was supposed to be a nice small town with a couple of older buildings, but when we got there our hostel mum told us that you could see penguins on the streets in the night. So we went out on a treasure hunt for penguins that night. It was exciting and we did see some penguins. But it was dark so the pictures we took weren't very good...
After Oamaru was Christchurch, the biggest town on the south island. There we visited "Willowbank Reserve" were you could see different kinds of birds and animals that now live in New Zealand. We finally saw the famous kiwibird. After 5 months I finally saw it. But it's not so strange, because there aren't many kiwibirds left living in the wild and they're nocturnal, so you don't have a big chance to see the, but at the reserv you could and it was really good!
The last thing on out trip was Kaikoura, where "whale watching" is a big thing. We went out of course but since I didn't realise that I got seasick at Doubtful Sound I went out without some kind of preperation. It ended up with me throwing up dureing the whole trip (2 ½ approximately). But I did have a short glimpse of the whale we saw, so I'm content.
That was basically all we did in a about a week and I have to say that this trip was as awesome as the first one. Travelling with a friend makes a huge difference though! Here's my nice comrade:
Thank you Hilda! I had a great time!
When I came back it hit me that I've been away for 5 months now. Isn't incredible how fast time passes by? I can't believe that it's only a month until Christmas and to me being hafway through my year already. I'll be back in Sweden before I know it! 

#1: Anonym

oh boy. Vilket vackert väder. Helt fantastiska bilder. Havd a good time

2013-11-25 @ 10:33:41
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