Bathroom emergency
Today something extraordinary happened!
I was out with Tilly hanging up the washing that had been washed in the morning, when I suddenly realised that I hadn't seen the almost-two-year-old for a couple of minutes... I asked Tilly if she could check up on Tyne, where he was and what he was doing. She went inside and came out again, telling me that he was inside. Okay, I thought.

When I went inside myself about five minutes later I found out that Tyne had locked himself in the bathroom... He couldn't get out and I couldn't get in...
I called both parents to get some advice about what to do about it. We ended up with Tilly crawling through a closet, her opening the door and then finally me cleaning up the flooding that had occured. Apparently Tyne had managed to put the plug in the sink and to turn on the hot water tap. Hot water and steam everywhere! I felt very sorry for the carpet that covered the floor, but now I think it was pretty funny.

I will never complain about kids being totally predictable at least!

#1: Josse

Hahaha, Anna byggde du en ark till allt vatten?

Svar: Funderade allvarligt på det alltså! :)

2013-07-31 @ 21:28:35
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