Day in and day out
I realised that i have not been writing anything in a while. It's because there isn't much extraordinary that is happening during the week. The duties i have are the same of course and I find it hard to believe that it would be intresting to read about how I vacuumed every week. That's why only special occasions are mentioned. I missed out on telling you about the Abel Tasman Park though... 
Me and Maja went to the famous Abel Tasman Nationalpark last Sunday. And I have to say it's really lovely!
We also met up this to let the kids play together. Tilly and Tyne have each other to play with, but the younger girl that Maja takes care doesn't have any siblings her own age sadly. We thought that it would be good for them to meet some new people too, it's good training for the future. 
This gives me and Maja some time together too, and I have to say that it's nice to have an grown-up to talk to during day. If I can call myself and Maja grown-ups that means. We will try to let the kids get to know each other better in the next couple of weeks and see if they can become good friends.
I biked in to Motueka twice this weekend. It's amazing how much more you see of the landscape when you go by bike instead of by car. It has been nice weather too, so it's really nice! Even though I got a sore butt of the saddle...
This was the second week of holidays. All the different activities start again tomorrow. Dancing, swimming, playcentre. Just as I got used to planning our week by myself...
Well, well, there will be other holidays!

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