Everyday life
I've started my third week down here now and I'm still sure how i will manage a whole year!
Everything is wonderful and I really like working here, but it feels so strange to not have the people you usually meet around you at all. 
Except fro that... Everything is awesome! We (Clare, me, Kyle, Tilly and Tyne) went swimming today in Richmond. The school holidays started this Monday and even though neither Tilly or Tyne go to school you notice that the holidays are. Every activity that the children have (dancing, playcenter) are havinng a break. Therefore I'm left with my poor imagination to try to find something that we could do in the 2 weeks that the holidays are.
Anyway, last Friday I met up with another au pair that i here in Motueka. She is called Maja and is also from Sweden. I think we'll get along just fine and to make things even better we've planned to go to the "Abel Tasman National Park" this week-end. I've heard that this is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in whole New Zealand, so my expectations are pretty high. I really hope that we'll get there, at least sometime soon. 

#1: Frank

Everything will be allright Anna. Don´t think to much of the future. Carpe diém. You will see the year will fly by. Huggs and kisses.

2013-07-16 @ 20:47:49
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